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UMEG GROUP LLC will take part in the CIGRE Technical Exhibition which will take place at the Palais des Congres in Paris, France from August 27- 31, 2018.
Please visit us at Booth number: 122

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Russian electrical glass insulators

  • JSC «U.M.E.K.» is a suspension glass insulators production plant, one of the most modern plants of this kind in the world.  Its production capacity amounts 4 million power lines insulators per annum that is approximately 6% from the world output nowadays;
  • The plant has the state-of-the-art equipment manufactured by leading global producers of special-purpose process line for glass industry. All the stages of production, starting from raw materials preparation through to testing the finished products, form an automated manufacturing chain;
  • The experience of the best industry experts and the newest manufacturing equipment allow to produce suspension toughened glass and pin-type insulators. From the Arctic to the humid tropics, to the dry deserts our power line glass insulators are successfully used at power and railway facilities.

UMEK Glass insulators for HV power lines

  • Nowadays JSC «U.M.E.K.» provides HV power utilities with high-quality and reliable electrical products. Our products include a broad range of suspension glass insulators with different shapes of glass shells as well as glass pin insulators.
  • The quality of our high-voltage insulators is confirmed by the power engineers. Power line  glass insulators have passed tests in the international laboratories.
  • We sell suspension glass insulators at the best price for the best quality. The products of JSC «U.M.E.K.» are most competitive in the glass insulators’ world market.

Types of glass insulators for sale:

  • U70BS


  • U70BL


  • U120B


  • U160BL


  • U160BS


  • U210B


  • U300B


  • U70BLP


  • U120BP


  • U160BLP


  • ShS 10 ED

    ShS 10 ED

  • ShS 20 ED

    ShS 20 ED

  • PSD 70 E

    PSD 70 E

  • PSD 100 B

    PSD 100 B

  • U120BA


  • U160BSP


  • U210BP


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