Insulator components

glass insulators components Cap and pin type of suspension glass insulator consists of the following elements: insulating part (or dielectric), pin, cap and locking device.


A locking device is a part of insulator for fixation and is manufactured of stainless steel. The assembling of an insulator is performed by cement-send mix followed by thermal wet treatment. The assembling may be performed with Portland cement or aluminosilicate cement.


A cap is for movable fixation of an insulator to another one or fittings. Caps are produced by casting from high-strength cast iron or malleable cast iron. Caps have corrosion-resistance coating, made by the method of hot-dip zinc coating.
Caps for DC insulators are equipped with a collar made by casting.


The insulating part is manufactured by the compaction method from low-alkali glass followed by toughening. An insulating part might be produced in different shapes, which define the profile of insulator: standard, fog and open.

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