«U.М.E.К.» Glass Insulators Manufacturer

glass insulators manufacturer

The trade name CJSK “U.M.E.K” was registered 15 MAY 2007 and after that the construction of the plant was started.

In the beginning of the 2000s the electricity deficit occurred in many regions of Russia, resulted in restriction of industrial growth potential of the energy-deficient regions. Therefore the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation worked out a number of programmes on development of power generation and power grids.

However by that time capacity of electrical industry failed to provide those programmes with the required number of insulators, and imports of the similar cheap products from South-East Asia could not ensure fulfillment of quality and safety requirements of Russian standards.    

To fill that gap the management of the Company made up a decision to construct a new plant for production of glass insulators in Yuzhnouralsk town. The new enterprise was named «U.М.E.К.». The first insulators were manufactured in 2009.

Nowdays JSC «U.М.E.К.»:

  • Production capacity – 3 000 000 insulators per annum (in type U70BL equivalent);
  • Production floor – over 10 000 sq.m.;
  • Land area – 2,5 ha;
  • Staff – 260 employees;
  • Wide export geography.
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