HV glass suspension insulator ANSI class 52-5/52-5-H

Class ANSI 1 52-5/52-5-H
Spacing (H) inch (mm) 5-3/4 (146)
Diameter (D) inch (mm) 10 (255)
Connecting hardware coupling2 B&S type J
Leakage distance inch (mm) 13 (330)
Combined mechanical & electrical strength, lb (kN) 26900(120)/30000(133)
Mechanical impact strength, lb x inch (N·m) 400(45)
Residual strength, lb (kN) 16100(72)
Tension proof, lb (kN) 13400(60)
Low-frequency dry flashover, kV2 80
Low-frequency wet flashover, kV2 50
Critical impulse flashover, positive, kV2 125
Critical impulse flashover, negative, kV2 130
Puncture voltage, kV2 130
R.I.V. test voltage, rms to ground, kV 2
Maximum RIV at 1000 kHz, μV
Weight, lb (kg) 8,82 (4,0)
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