Glass insulator SS 10(20) type

This insulator is designed for mounting and insulation of the uninsulated and insulated wires type SIP-3 on overhead power lines and in switchgears of power stations and substations for AC with voltages till 10 kV and frequencies up to 100 Hz at an ambient temperature from minus 60 to plus 50 ° C. Wire can be mounted in the trough or on the neck of the insulator.
In spite with the traditional insulators type SHS10D and SHS10E, new insulator SHS10M has two-wings shape and therefore it has an increased creepage distance and can be also recommended for usage in areas with special level of pollution and high lightning activity.
The mount of insulator SHS10M is carried out using a collet sleeve, fastened inside the insulator, mounted on a traverse rod with the attached standard cap type “K “ or “KP”.
Pin glass insulator SHS10M is a modified analogue of the currently produced insulators SHS10D, SHS10E but exceeds them due to improved technical and operational characteristics.

Reference designation ШС10Е(Д) ШС20Е(Д)
SS10 SS20
Rated voltage, kV 10 20
Impulse withstand voltage, kV 100 130
Diameter of the insulating part, D, mm 170 170
Spacing, H, mm 132 172
Nominal creepage distance, mm 340 420
Mechanical destructive power of bending, kN 12,5 12,5
Puncture voltage in insulating medium, kV 130 130
50 Hz withstand voltage (dry), kV 68 80
50 Hz withstand voltage (wet)
42 60
Weight, kg 2,2 2,5

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